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We are concentraded on creating high quality games and game assets


Digital art and 3d models.

Cavens Customs webpage

Design and Development

1934 Hotrod Ford


Lava Factory

Game Level mockup


Voxelart illustration


Digital Illustration made with Krita 4

Isometric Room

Voxelart with MagicaVoxel


Currently Piston Media is a one man indie development company!

Sampo Pesonen


"I strongly believe that games should be played & enjoyed together. In every game published by Piston Media, there will be splitscreen support. This is promise I try to keep my best.
Also the games shouldn`t have 80gigabytes of data and need hundreds of hours to finish.
I prefer 100 megabytes and ten to twenty minutes now and then! Or enjoy the games with your friends before heading out for the saturday night."

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ps. I am not Currently looking for composers or localization help.
If you really want, there is no harm sending me your portfolios to my email, I will check all of them always.
and if you have potential, I will save your contacts and I might respond to you later on.
Thank you!